How To Pan For Real Gold at Cornwall Gold

Come and learn how to pan for real gold at Cornwall Gold!

We were recently visited by the World Gold Panning Champion, James Linnett, and another professional gold panner, Teddy from A & T Adventures. They both had a ‘pan-off’ in our gold panning troughs and decided to leave some of their real gold in there for YOU to find!

The gold they left in our panning troughs is beautiful native gold that they found in some wild Scottish rivers. It’s very special gold which is worth 3-4 times as much as the gold you would find in your average jewellery.

Best of all, gold panning is FREE at Cornwall Gold, so pop along and give it a try!


How to pan for real gold at Cornwall Gold, step-by-step:

To give you a head start, we thought we should show you how to pan for gold.

  1. Collect your gold pan and scoop into it a good couple of handfuls of sand from our panning troughs.
  2. Hold the pan with the ridges in it at the front. Submerge the sand in the pan under the water. Agitate it vigorously from side to side. Don’t worry about losing your gold at this point. Gold is heavier than the sand and so it will sink to the bottom.
  3. Tilt the forward edge of your pan downwards slightly and swoosh it backwards and forwards gently. This allows the sand on the surface to be gradually washed out a little at a time.
  4. Carry on with this process until the sand has nearly gone and you can see your gold at the bottom of the pan!

real gold in a gold pan

How do you know if you have found real gold?

In our panning troughs is also ‘fool’s gold’  or iron pyrite. To tell if you have found our real gold just hold the pan in the light. If you put your finds into shadow (hold your hand over it) the fools gold will lose its brightness and look darker whereas real gold will retain its bright colour.

Gold panning is free at Cornwall Gold. Free entry to the whole site, free parking, dog-friendly and fully accessible.