World Gold Panning Champion at Cornwall Gold!

We’ve been lucky to welcome the World Gold Panning Champion at Cornwall Gold! James Linnett has just been crowned the World Gold Panning Champion. He is the first-ever UK winner of the World Gold Panning Championships. They took place four weeks ago in Tankavaara, Finland. He beat scores of other competitors in a timed trial. He took just over one minute to find eleven tiny pieces of gold hidden in a bucket of sand and gravel which he had to pan. After his win he spent a few weeks traveling around Finland visiting gold prospecting sites and finding Finnish gold.
World Gold Panning Championship Medals
He has been at Cornwall Gold near Redruth this week showing visitors and staff how to pan for gold in their panning troughs. He was joined by another gold panning expert, Teddy Seymour from A & T Adventures.
James and Teddy both pan for gold all over the UK and the world and have some amazing finds, including some from the Truro River just down from Tesco! Teddy has been in Devon for the last few weeks and has a whole vial of gold he found near Buckfast Abbey. Gold can fairly easily be found in rivers in Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Scotland. It’s an easy hobby to get into with minimal cost. You just need a gold pan and some wellies and you could be discovering your own precious finds. With a bit of practice perhaps we’ll be welcoming you next as the World Gold Panning Champion at Cornwall Gold!
Gold found in UK

Free real gold!

Some real gold from Scotland has been left in the gold panning troughs at Cornwall Gold by James and Teddy. It’s ready and waiting to be found! Pop along and see if you can find it. It’s free to take part and whoever finds the gold gets to take it home.
Cornwall Gold is just off the A30 between Portreath and Redruth and is open 7 days a week. Entry and parking are both free.