Tolgus Mill

Tolgus Mill takes visitors through the process of tin streaming and how tin ore recovered from the stream running through our park is smelted on-site to create exquisite Cornish jewellery.

See how rock from local mining waste was pulverised by huge stamping machines, learn about the machinery and explore the ingenuity and human stories behind this last working link to Cornwall’s past.

Tolgus Mill is an ongoing restoration project. The proceeds from our Tolgus jewellery collection along with visitor donations allow us to keep this heritage alive.

We are proud to protect this unique piece of Cornish heritage for future generations.

“Tolgus Mill has been described as a national treasure!’’ – Media Scene

“For those wishing to learn more about the tinners and their work, a visit to Tolgus Tin Mill should be top of their list.’’ – My Cornwall Magazine

Guided tours are not currently available.